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A Passion for Pet Nutrition

Rivertown Feed & Pet Country Store is proud to carry Pinnacle in Petaluma, California. Art and craft, attention to detail, our higher standards, taking the extra time to something the right way. These are the things that go into making something special, something of great quality. This is what separates good from great, ordinary from exceptional. Our commitment to doing things the right way means we follow a protein first recipe.

Dog Food
  • Dry Dog Food: Kibble Turkey & Pumpkin Recipe, Kibble Chicken & Vegetable Recipe, Kibble Salmon & Pumpkin Recipe, Kibble Trout & Sweet Potato Recipe, Kibble Duck & Sweet Potato Recipe.
  • Canned Dog Food: Turkey & Pumpkin Recipe, Chicken & Vegetable Recipe, Salmon & Pumpkin Recipe, Duck & Sweet Potato Recipe, Trout & Sweet Potato Recipe.
Come visit our pet supply store in Petaluma, CA specializing in quality food, treats, and supplies for for your pets..